The Scape Ore Incident


The First Assignment

Genre: Horror/SciFi
Writer: Jerald Garner

Inspired by true events

Miriam is a young woman stuck in an abusive relationship with her grifter boyfriend, Kevin. After Kevin uses Miriam to extort money from a wealthy, married man, he takes her down south looking for the next big score. By chance, their car breaks down in the middle of Scape Ore Swamp, home to the myth of the Lizard Man, a man-like reptile that is supposed to prey on whatever comes across its path. Kevin soon falls victim to the creature and Miriam is forced to run for her life. Along the way, she encounters Alex, a cop who encountered the creature and barely survived. Together they struggle to stay one step ahead of the creature only to be caught by a secret organization looking to acquire the creature for their own plans. Using Miriam and Alex as bait, the organization tries to capture the creature, only for the creature to become the hunter and wipe out most of the organization. Through ingenuity and luck, Miriam and Alex are able to figure out how to kill the Lizard Man and get out alive.

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The Scape Ore Incident


Inspired by true events

A number of religions, legends, and belief systems describe shadowy spiritual beings or supernatural entities such as shades of the underworld, and various shadowy creatures have long been a staple of folklore and ghost stories.
A woman trapped in an abusive relation with her grifter boyfriend finds herself suddenly stranded in the swamps of South Carolina hunted by a legendary creature as well as those who seek to capture it.

This is a very timely topic not only because the market has increased and it’s a global increase for horror/sci-fi but in a GALLUP NEWS SERVICE pole from PRINCETON, NJ, June 2005 -- About three in four Americans profess at least one paranormal belief, per a recent Gallup survey. The full list of items includes:
• Extrasensory perception, or ESP, Telepathy, Clairvoyance (41%)
• That houses can be haunted (37%)
• Astrology, position of the stars and planets can affect people's lives
• UFOs and alien visitation as well as life beyond Earth
• Strange creatures and monsters witnessed globally
• That people can communicate mentally with someone who has died
• Witches
• Reincarnation, that is, the rebirth of the soul in a new body after death
• Channeling/allowing a 'spirit-being' to temporarily assume control of body
• Government cover-up
• The belief that we have been lied to about human origin

The occurrences of strange events have increased as we are in 2017 and on the verge of finding life any month due to the Kepler telescope.
Jerald Garner is the perfect person to write and produce this genre and this series since the series is inspired by his life and has been a witness to paranormal events since the age of five. Jerald has deep religious, spiritual, scientific and philosophical background with extensive experience in the US military with contacts throughout the government in his life as to what is exactly going on in this reality.

Brian Dillingham a producer whose work spans both film and television. His credits include the television documentary The Great Year narrated by James Earl Jones, the feature film Spectres, and the shorts Our RoboCop Remake – Scene 9A and Cleats of Imminent Doom. He is a graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts.
Thank you for your time and consideration. We can be reached at 323-301-6707
Jerald Garner and Brian Dillingham
Writers of The Scape Ore Incident
Unseen Forces Productions, L.L.C.




Lizard Man of Lee County by ETVRoadShow


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The Scape Ore Incident

Writer: Jerald Garner

Originally from Houston, TX, Jerald first got his feet wet in the limelight at 17 years old, when he was doing some modeling jobs for department store ads. When he was 21 years old, he joined the United States Air Force. During his time in the military he received a college degree and went on to become a data communications engineer and consultant. While visiting Los Angeles he was invited by a producer to be a featured guest in a MTV game show and was told shortly after that he had what it takes to become a Hollywood actor. Jerald decided to take a chance and moved to Hollywood. Coached by Connie Copper of “Friday Night Lights”, Price Hall, a student of the late, great Jeff Corey as well as Bobby and Larry Chance and Allen Feinstein. Jerald has scored various roles in independent films, TV commercials, industrials and plays and he has done notable work with Pulitzer Prize-Winning writer, Edward Albee of the University of Houston.  Jerald has been mentored by many writers and producers and decided to take his experience and build Unseen Forces Productions and partner with others to create arresting film and TV shows.


Los Angeles, CA 90068